Thursday, March 13, 2014

Time is not on my side...

What is up with this stupid daylight savings time?  Why must we put ourselves through it?  It's just not normal for your body to have to get used to this change.  I get it's only an hour but I hate it.  I have consulted my Internets to educate myself on the reasons why we do this:

I started to read this but since my body hasn't adjusted to the time change, I nodded off somewhere in the middle of it...but the part I read with the reasons given, don't apply anymore.  I say get rid of it.

I decided now that it's lighter in the mornings that I'd get up early and get that little dog out for a walk.

Oh, but wait, last week I ordered some blackout curtains for the bedroom.  Nice...Anyway, last night, I set my alarm for 6:30am.  But now that I'm thinking about this whole time confusion, it was really like getting up at 5:30am.  No wonder when I went outside this morning with the little dog, this is what I saw:


Now, I can't very well take the little dog back in the house, she'd hate me for life.  So, off we, Jax and the flashlight on my smartypantsiHatemyphone.  You wanna know how dark and creepy it is at the beach when it's pitch black?  Almost at creepy as this:

I'm sleeping in tomorrow!

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