Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Welcome to the thrilling and exciting adventures of Exploration-Poppy and Tombstone-MomJean!

So, Adventure-Poppy and I-See-Dead-People-MomJean are on a road trip!  I decided that I'd share their journey with you...

Adventure-Poppy left around 10:00am on Sunday to hook up with Grave-Hunter-MomJean in Beautiful Downtown Burbank!  Although, I have no pictures, they had dinner at this Mexican place in Chinatown.  We saw the place on one of my foodie shows.  They specialize in mole (not the rodent, the sauce).

Today, they took off for Santa Ana.  Here's lunch from the Gypsy Den:

I believe she said it was duck and bacon sausage...
Here's my lunch...at my desk. 


Here's MomJean's Great-Granddad, Roscoe Leroy Trickey...

and Great-Grandma...

I don't see a resemblance.

Yeah, that means Jax and I are single-successful chickies this week...

Jax spent Sunday afternoon watching the Big-Antes (formerly known as the Gigantes due to auto-correct)!  She needs to stop drinking so much beer cause she passes out!

How does she sit like that?  Her back legs are behind her head. Our little contortionist!

While Jax was recovering, I decided to remove the dead palm bush from the front yard.

Nothing grows there, not even weeds.  I'm going to put some of that weed barrier stuff down and then some cocoa bean hulls.  I think we should hire a gardener cause I've come to the conclusion I do not like gardening!

So after I removed the dead palm bush and put it in the compost bin, I noticed it was a little tall so I needed to top it so I could shut the lid.  As I was topping it, I noticed that it's infested with earwigs!  WTF??  Now I've had to leave the whole thing out on the driveway cause I don't want those things coming in the house, crawling up the stairs, in my ears and then burrowing a hole into my brain!  GOD-DUH!

How much reality T.V. can I watch while No-Trash-TV-Poppy is gone?  A lot!!


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