Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Let's try to figure out what I enjoy doing in my spare time...

Poppy and I were having this conversation the other day about my lack of commitment to the things I try doing.  I start things, but never follow through...I figure I'm searching for the right thing that I enjoy doing but just haven't found it yet.  She thinks there is a deep-rooted reason why I can't find it.  I think I'd agree with that if I could figure out what that might be...a fear of enjoying something?  Seems strange but I suppose it's logical.  Maybe I'm just lazy.

Anyway, I started to think of all the its I've tried and not followed through with.  Let's keep in mind that I hate doing it after work cause I've got my whole home routine of chores and dinner prep.  I know, it sounds like an excuse but it's really not.  It takes a lot to run a household.  I also seemed to like to do physical its that will keep me from gaining weight and help me get/stay in shape.

Anyway, here are some of the its I tried...

Softball: It's okay, but it's like a two evening time commitment and I hate that.  I also consider this a "fat people" sport.  Not going to lose any weight with this one.

Golf: Again, it's okay but very expensive...and yeah, another "fat people" sport.  I can say this cause I'm fat!

Running/Jogging (with my knees now, I call it shuffling): I never liked running, but we all know it's the shortest duration exercise you can do that will keep the weight off.  I even ran a marathon once.  Now, that was a commitment!  I couldn't wait for the day when I didn't have to run anymore.  Now it's here and I miss being able to do it

Sailing: I liked it...on a big boat.  I took lessons figuring since I liked it I should learn how to do it...hated it!  The lessons were on a wee little boat and the gal who was in the boat with me kept capsizing the stoopid thing.  I quit after the first lesson.

Indoor rock climbing: Took lessons for that too.  Wearing that harness thing in your crotch is not very attractive.  I made it up the fake mountain only to find that I didn't like it very much up there.  Never went back.

Swimming: I really wanted to learn how to swim so I could do a triathlon.  I really did like it, but I couldn't get the breathing part down, plus when you're slow and in the pool trying to swim, you have to swim in the lane with the water walkers so you're constantly getting kicked in the face.  Never finished the lessons...I'd still like to swim in the bay, but where will I find time to figure that out.  That might be an excuse.

Kayaking: Yeah, I think I took lessons for this on three separate occasions.  It's fun, but very labor intensive and Tropical-Poppy hates the cold water. Besides, this was Poppy's idea.

Wii Fit: It was fun for a while but got really boring cause you're stuck in the house.

Roller skating: In theory, it fun, but when you get to middle-age and wipe out, it's not as fun as it used to be when you were a kid.  I'd still like to do it though.  Again, finding the time is an issue.

Yoga: I like yoga, but don't feel like I'd lose any weight from it.  Plus, yoga gyms smell like dirty feet and people fart.

Walking: Walking is cool, but you have to walk a long way for any benefit.

Kickboxing: That was my latest it.  It's cool, but again, the only classes are at night and there are only two of them and the Wednesday class, the instructor makes you pair up and if it's crowded you have to share the bag.  Not what I signed up for.

Bike riding: I love bike riding!  I don't know why I don't do it more.  I really should make the time to do it.  We have the power-assist bike so it's way easy to get all the way to work and keep fit.  I will do this more.

My current obsession is body boarding.  I want to try it...really bad.  I figure, it wouldn't be all that labor intensive.  Well putting on the wetsuit would be the worst of it.  I love the water and I want to be in it, not to mention it's right in my backyard...only I'm a little ascared of Ocean Beach and the riptides, which is why I figured I'd try body boarding.  The board is a flotation device and it would be leashed to me and it doesn't look too hard to do.  So, I figure I'll try this after we get back from vacation in November.  But, what if I don't like it?  Then what?

Die trying, that's what I say!  I will never give it up!


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